Whether you're single, a couple of sweethearts, or a Whether you're single, a couple of sweethearts, or a whole family. Allow yourself to spend this moment only for you. I'm just a witness to the scenes that are happening in front of me. Of course, we will communicate, laugh or cry, but above all, you will have an unforgettable experience. This photo session takes the form of play and interaction.
I love to shoot female portraits. It is important for me to show women's sexuality in the frame without open demonstration, to display her sensuality and reveal the strength in her weakness.
I like to capture images that are natural and emotionally rich - in the style of film and stage portfolio that is stylistically reminiscent of paintings.
This is the beautiful moment when you say, "I do."
I use a reportage approach, which means that I won’t ask you to pose. Instead I take pictures of your day as it naturally happens. For me, the beauty of a wedding day is in its moments. Whether they are big or small, funny, serious, emotional, or tense, I aim to capture each and every moment as it happens.
I want you to be able to look back on your special day later when you look at your pictures and remember what it was like to get married.
Model test
Model test - is a professional term, referring to the first pictures in the model’s portfolio. I have extensive experience working with modeling agencies and my portfolio is proof of that. I will express and underline your unique character, the ability to control and convey emotions and feel the body through dynamic images.